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"Donald Judd," in 7 Sculptors, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, 1965
"Interpolation of the Enantiamorphic Chambers", Finch College catalogue, Art in Process
exhibition, 1966
"The Crystal Land", Harper's Bazaar, May 1966
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"Language to be Looked at and/or Things to be Read", Dwan Gallery Press Release,
June 1967
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Yearbook, 1967, p. 94
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"The Spiral Jetty", Dwan Gallery, poster for film in the form of a storyboard, 1970
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"Cultural Confinement", Artforum, October 1972, p.39
"Frederick Law Olmstead and the Dialectical Landscape", Artforum, February 1973
Letter to the Editor, Artforum, October 1967, p.4
"The Establishment", Documentario, January 1993, p. 78-79


The below unpublished writings were published in:
Robert Smithson: The Collected Writings, edited by Jack Flam, University of California
Press, 1996, this edition is a revised and expanded edition of the Writings of
Robert Smithson, edited by Nancy Holt, published New York University Press in

POEMS (1959-1961)

"From the Tempatations", p. 315
"From the Walls of Dis", p. 316
"From the City", p. 317
"To the Eye of Blood", p. 318
"The Lamentations of the Paroxysmalal Artist", p. 319


"The Iconography of Desolation", c. 1962, p. 320
"The Eliminator", 1964, p. 327
"The Hum", c. 1965, p. 328
"A Short Description of Two Mirrored Crystal Structures", 1965, p. 328
"Response to A Questionnaire From Irving Sandler", 1966, p. 329
"Colossal Nullifications (Part 1)", c. 1966, p. 331
"Atlantic City", (H-13), 1966, p. 332
"The Shape of the Future and Memory", 1966, p. 332
"Predictable Model for Unpredictable Project", c. 1966, p. 333
"Proposal For the Detection of Approximate Period Quantity", c. 1966, p. 334
"An Esthetics of Disappointment", c. 1966, p. 334
"Sol LeWitt", 1966-67, p. 335
"A Reputation of Historical Humanism", 1966-67, p. 336
"The Pathetic Fallacy in Esthetics", 1966-67, p. 337
"Abstract Mannerism", 1966-67, p. 339
"The Artist as Site-Seer: or, A Dintorphic Essay", 1966-67, p. 340
"What Really Spoils Michelangelo's Sculpture", 1966-67, p. 346
"From Ivan the Terrible to Roger Corman or Paradoxes of Conduct in Mannerism as
Reflected in the Cinema", 1967, p. 349
"Proposal for Earthworks and Landmarks to be Built on the Fringes of the Fort-Worth
Dallas Regional Air Terminal Site", 1966-67, p. 354
"Untitled (Air Terminal - Windows)", 1967, p. 355
"See the Monuments of Passaic New Jersey", 1967, p. 356
"The Monument: Outline for a Film", 1967, p.357
"Pointless Vanishing Points", 1967, p. 358
"A Small Test For Jo Baer", 1968, p. 360
"Outline for Yale Symposium: Against Absolute Categories", 1968, p. 360
"Sites and Settings", 1968, p. 362
"Untitled (Site Data), 1968, p. 362
"A Provisional Theory of Non-Sites", 1968, p. 364
"Non-Site Number 2", 1968, p. 365
"Hidden Trails in Art", 1969, p. 366
"Can Man Survive", 1969, p. 367
"Letter to Gyorgy Kepes", 1969, p. 369
"Look", 1970, p. 370
"Art and Dialectics", 1971, p. 370
"Art Through the Camera's Eye", c. 1971, p. 371
"Untitled", 1971, p. 376
"Letter to John Dixon", 1972, p. 377
"Production for Production's Sake", 1972, p. 378
"Untitled", 1972, p. 379
"Proposal", 1972, p. 379


Writings by the Artist
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Catalogues and Books
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