Rozel Point, Great Salt Lake, Utah
April 1970
mud, precipitated salt crystals, rocks, water coil 1500' long and 15' wide
Collection: Dia Art Foundation,
New York


Spirals n.d. circa 1970
Spiral Jetty in Red Salt Water n.d. circa 1970

Spiral Jetty, 1970

Photo Credit: Carol Wagoner
Publication: The Salt Lake Tribune,
October 1993
Photographed by Francisco Kjolseth/
The Salt Lake Tribune, September 2002
Photographed by George Steinmetz,
September 2002
Melissa Sanford, "The Salt of the Earth",
The New York Times, Jan.13, 2004

Photographed by Douglas Pizak, for Associated Press
Photographed by Tom Martinelli Photographed by Nancy Holt, No. 1 Photographed by Nancy Holt, No. 2
Photographed by Nancy Holt, No. 3 Photographed by Nancy Holt, No. 4 Photographed by Nancy Holt, No. 5


Spiral Jetty, 1970
Rozel Point, Box Elder County, Utah 84302
For information, call the Golden Spike National Historic Site
Tel 435 471 2209

Dia Art Foundation Link regarding Spiral Jetty:

Visitor Information

Tips for your visit

Guests are advised to bring water, food, and waterproof boots, along with weather appropriate clothing. The lake?s levels vary several feet from year to year and from season to season, so Spiral Jetty is not always visible above the water line.

Dia asks that visitors ?leave no trace,? by carrying out anything they bring with them. Please leave the natural environment exactly as you found it; this means not painting rocks, leaving black fire pits, or stamping on vegetation.

Spiral Jetty is visible when water levels are below approximately 4,195 feet. To view water levels at the Great Salt Lake click here.

To view sunrise and sunset times, click here.

Driving Directions

Driving map
Courtesy Utah Geological Survey

Spiral Jetty is approximately 2.5 hours from Salt Lake City.

Detailed Directions to Spiral Jetty [.pdf]

  1. From Salt Lake City take I-15 north approximately 65 miles to the Corinne exit (exit 365), just west of Brigham City, Utah. Exit and turn right onto Route 13 to Corinne. *LAST GAS STATION is in Corinne.
  2. Past Corinne, the road becomes Highway 83. Continue west for 17.7 miles. Follow signs to Golden Spike National Historic Site (GSNHS) Visitor Center.
  3. Turn left onto Golden Spike Road and continue 7.7 miles up the east side of Promontory Pass to Golden Spike National Historic Site Visitor Center. *LAST BATHROOMS are at the Visitor Center. *LAST CELL RECEPTION.
  4. From the Visitor Center, drive 5.6 miles west on the main gravel road to a fork in the road. Continue left, heading west. *There are small white signs directing you the entire way to Spiral Jetty.
  5. Cross a cattle guard. Call this cattle guard #1. Including this one, you cross four cattle guards before you reach Rozel Point and Spiral Jetty.
  6. Drive 1.3 miles south to a second fork in the road. Turn right onto the southwest fork, and proceed 1.7 miles to cattle guard #2.
  7. Continue southeast 1.2 miles to cattle guard #3.
  8. Continue straight 2.8 miles south-southwest to cattle guard #4 and an iron-pipe gate.
  9. Drive south for another 2.7 miles around the east side of Rozel Point. You will see the north arm of Great Salt Lake and an old oil jetty (not Spiral Jetty) left by drilling explorations that ended in the 1980s.
  10. The road curves turning north and ends at a cul-de-sac parking lot directly next to Spiral Jetty.

Link to the Golden Spike NationalPark: RE: Spiral Jetty:

driving directions and maps

From the Dia Art Foundation Facebook page: The Utah Museum of Fine Arts interviewed a selection of artists, authors, entrepreneurs, historians and students on their personal experiences with Smithson's Spiral Jetty. Listen to their unique encounters and inspirations as a result - http://vimeo.com/18500785

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Great Salt Lake Institute

Building an artistic masterpiece for the ages

Spiral Jetty online resource, Utah Museum of Fine Arts in Salt Lake City

The Smithson Effect exhibition, Utah Museum of Fine Arts in Salt Lake City

Documentation of the Spiral Jetty by Hikmet Sidney Loe

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