Six mirrors, chalk from Oxted Quarry, England
Each mirror: H: 10 W: 60
Overall: H: 10
Diameter: 120 (10)
Art Institute of Chicago

Chalk-Mirror Displacement was made to appear in two sites concurrently for the exhibition Live in Your Head: When Attitude Becomes Form Works, Concepts, Processes, Situations, Information held at the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, September 26-October 27, 1969. This double nonsite amplifies Smithson's idea regarding his nonsites. Smithson has stated "What you are really confronted with in a Nonsite is the absence of the Site.. a ponderous and weighty absence". The nonsite becomes an abstraction, a mapping source, which references the real/actual site from which materials are taken. Smithson further states ".. I created a dialectic of site and nonsite. The nonsite exists as a kind of deep three-dimensional abstract map that points to a specific site on the surface of the earth...designated by a kind of mapping procedure". The indoor nonsite is a reflection of the uncontrolled, uncontained outdoor site from which materials are gathered. The nonsite symbolically and physically reflects containment, order out of chaos, and a geographite place. In the instance of Chalk-Mirror Displacement, by exibiting both works simultaneously they become a double reflection without hierarchy, which reinforces for the viewer notions of displacement, place and time.

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